Face Your Fear

Fear is a very common phenomenon. It occurs multiple times throughout the day. Tackling it is very important, but, we pay no heed. And it multiplies. Is it not important to face and tackle it?


So, Are you facing it or running away from it?

Be it a fear of
– heights,
– being in a crowd/public,
– peer pressure,
– doing something you want to but aren’t sure,
– a new atmosphere (example – from 10th to 11th ; from college to work), & numerous ‘non-tackled’ fears.

ExpressIt Academy‘s Introductory Skill Development Program will help to address & eradicate your fear with its capable trainers.

What will be covered in the event / program –
What is Fear & How to face it?When you are in the Crowd/Public…Train your mind to push your fear out.

When : 8th July 2017, 3pm to 6pm

Where : Shaniwar Peth, Pune

Charges : 200/head (on the spot booking 300/head)

(50 seats only)

Contact to register : expressit.ps@gmail.com

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8th July's session

ExpressIt Academy

Sagar Agarwal was initially an extremely shy individual, who preferred being alone. With a determination to lead towards a better future, he walked the path of Toastmasters International, as suggested by his uncle. With an undying support of his uncle Mr. Manoj Agarwal, his father Mr. Mahendra Agarwal and his entire family, he looked nowhere and courageously stood up towards constant growth and is today a Public Speaker, Public Speaking Coach, Writer and Entrepreneur (Owner of 2 skill development firms – ExpressIt and BrainEdifier).

ExpressIt Academy aims at helping people ‘Express themselves’. Expressing, without language being the barrier is our focus, as we believe that, ‘Language is a Secondary concern, first is to Express Ourselves’.

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Are you ‘Talking’ to…

Hola Amigos,

Talking to people is a survival fact.  While we might be very comfortable in casual talks but when it comes to the work environment it can be a little tricky.

Why is it important to talk to people? Let me give you three benefits of doing it even if that means going out of your cozy comfort zone.

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Are you prepared?

Hola Amigos,

How many times in life were you in a tongue tied situation? But, later when you replayed it in your mind, you thought that you could have answered it in a better way. Well, in such cases it isn’t that you don’t know how to revert, it’s just that you weren’t prepared to reply. This is what is called Impromptu Speaking, where you are required to speak unprepared.

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Who will you choose?

Hola Amigos,

Imagine a situation where you sit as the recruiter and now you have final two applications with excellent certifications and academic records. You call in the first candidate; he is well dressed and greets you the moment he is in. He answers all the questions in an impressive manner and is very clearly able to tell and explain his points.

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Is Public Speaking important?

Hola Amigos,

Today we live in an age where aesthetics are gaining more importance each day, hence it is important that one is able to present his or her USP in an attractive way.

Public speaking, as a skill, plays an important role in your presentation skills. Be it one-to-one or one-to-many, expressing your thoughts in a way that your audience understands it with the same essence as you want them to, is essential.

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ExpressIt’s Tip #1

ExpressIt’s Tip #1: Stop Worrying…

Hola Friends,

I am pretty sure that you want to get over the Worst Fear- The Fear of Public Speaking and want to master the skill of Public Speaking. You are here to discover ‘How’.

You’ll say, “I can speak unlimited with my friends, but the moment I walk up the stage or stand to speak in a place where Everyone has their eyes on me, I don’t know Why, but I begin shivering and everything that I had on my mind evaporates faster than liquid turns into vapour. What now?”

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Public Speaking

Hola Readers,

What if I tell you that you too can develop the tremendous art of public speaking? This must have ignited a fire within you to know how public speaking will help you and it must have inspired you to master this phenomenal art.

Pic Credits: Google
Pic Credits: Google

‘There are a great many “wetless” bathing suits worn at the seashore, but no one ever learns to swim in them. To plunge is the only way.’
― Dale Carnegie

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